According to Silvio Grandelis, the form below is a family certificate. In Italy they keep all the information of a family situation on paper. This is a law in Italy. Silvio also said that he is obliged to give every change of his family situation to the Italian Consulate in Belgium where they live.

Front side of the family certificate received from Italy.

Back side of the family certificate received from Italy.


Translation of a Family Situation Record (Family Certificate) record from Lozzo Di Cadore Italy for the Lorenzo Grandelis Family.
Translation by Silvio Grandelis and William L. Passauer 12/28/01 with assistance from Stefan Grandelis and his Italian friends Angelo and Frederico aboard the USS Bataan.
Lozzo Di Cadore is located in Northeastern Italy in the Province of Belluno and the Region of Veneto.
See below in the family listings: Ernesto Grandelis (b.26/12/1884) is the first generation Grandelis in the United States. Luigi Grandelis (b.8/5/1880) was Ernesto’s cousin who immigrated to the United States with Ernesto.
Ernesto’s Grandparents
Luigi Grandelis (b.13/3/1812) married Maria Maddalena Da Prada(b.24/1/1809) 8 children: Elena (b.21/5/1834), Maria Caterina (b.14/8/1836), Maria Giovanna (b.2/7/1844), Maria Antonia (b.10-1-1839), Lorenzo(b.4/8/1842), Leonardo(b.24/2/1849), Cesare(b.11/12/1850), Valentina (b.28/11/1853)
Ernesto’s Cousin Luigi’s Parents
Lorenzo (Lozzo Cadore b.4/8/1842, d. ?) married twice to:
1. (m. 6/12/1877)Giulia Slichtik (Kralovan Ungheria (Hungary)): 2 children: Luigi (Sztannkovan b.8/5/1880) & Giovanni (Svabocz b.9/4/1883)
2. (m.22/11/1897)Catherina Schavel (Savnik b.10/10/1863): 1 child: Giuliana (Ganocz b.21/11/1898)
Father and mother of Catherina: Giuseppe Schavel & Maria Szlivka.
Ernesto’s Parents
Leonardo (Lozzo b.24/2/1849) married Maria Jeschnek
4 children: Ernesto(b.26/12/1884), Vicenzo(b.27/9/1886), Giuliana(b.11/7/1891), Adalberto(b.13/11/1893)
Vicenzo (b.27/9/1886) married Maria Valencsi? (b.5/7/1888)
Italian to English Word Key
di nascita= day of birth
“di marimonio” should be “di matrimonio” = day of marriage
moglie = wife
figlio = son
figlia = daughter
Fratilli = brother
Luogo di nascita = place of birth