The Tatra Mountains are important to the Grandelis family because Tatra Mountains are located near Poprad Slovakia where Ernesto Grandelis and his family lived. As Ernesto grew up, he and his family probably picnicked and skied here.


The Tatras – Picturesque High Mountains


The value of mountains is not always measured by their altitude or area. Although the High Tatras cover an area of only 341 km2 and, together with their protected territory (700 km2), they truly have the characteristic of high mountains. They extend from Laliove Sedlo in the west to Kopske Sedlo. They are an inseparable part of the Western Tatras, Low Tatras and calcareous Belianske Tatras, which all form part of the great Carpathian Arc and complete the unique mosaic of the world’s higher mountains. This group of four mountain ranges is about three hundred million years old. Their crystalline core was formed during the Paleozoic preriod. They rose in the Tertiary, under the influence of huge forces deep from inside the earth, and acquired their present form thanks to the ice of the Quarternary, which created furrows in the form of deep valleys and distinct ridges.

Like all high mountains reaching for the sky, the Tatras have their particular charm for every season of the year, but they are most beautiful in winter. In some places snow fields survive to remain throughout the whole year. At Strbske Pleso, scene of the World Championships in Skiing Disciplines in 1970, winter has lasted as long as 200 days.

Although, at this time of the year, the visitor is deprived of the multitude of scents and colors of the summer, spring or autumn seasons – which offer many tourist experiences and the great beauty of the scenery or an exciting encounter with a bear – winter generously rewards him.

The Tatras are a real winter jewel and indeed have something to offer.