The country of Slovokia is where Ernesto and his family lived.

Slovakia – Welcome In The Heart Of Europe

Slovakia is a picturesque and beautiful country situated exactly in the heart of Europe. Fascinating scenery and a great number of unique natural areas are found in this small country. As a result lovers of nature call it “The central European paradise”.

Slovakia (population 5 million) originated by the division of Czecho-Slovakia in 1993 when successfully set out on the road of independence and freedom. In the short time of her existence, she has not only shown her economic strength, but also an effort to build a modern democratic state on the principles of European humanistic traditions.

Slovakia is rich in history and great cultural traditions. In the ninth century, the missionary Saints, Cyril and Methodius brought the Christian faith to the country, where it put down deep

roots. In the 1944, the Slovak nation rose up against fascism, in the Slovak National Uprising. Alexander Dubcek, a Slovak and an important personality in the political history of the 20th century, led the democratization process of the Prague Spring in 1968, which started the erosion of the Soviet Empire.

Slovakia is a country of pleasant friendly people. The Slovaks are a hospitable and open nation. They love their country, and express their love especially by means of their unique folklore, which they preserve very carefully. Slovak folk songs and traditional costumes are exeptionally beautiful and have many admirers. It is said that Slovak women are the most beautiful in the world. Perhaps these are further reasons why so many people feel good in Slovakia. The country has a special unrepeatable character, which may also enrich world winter sports.