Poprad Slovakia is where Ernesto Grandelis was born and raised. For history of Poprad, go here.

Poprad Slovakia is the birth place of the Ernesto Grandelis Family in Europe.
The Poprad Flag

Poprad Slovakia – Gate To The Tatra Mountains

o Poprado The history of Poprad and its surroundings goes back to its near and distant past. Its territory was one of the first settlements of the primaval man, then there were originators of the civillization: Celts, Germanics, Mongols and Tatars, who swept through the area. For the first time the name of the present town is mentioned in the document of king Andrew II in the years 1209. The year 1256 is the year of the real first written mention about already existing settlement called Poprad.
POPRAD – a town situated at the foothill of magnificient mountains is sometimes called “Entrance gate” to our High Tatra mountains. Poprad is the cultural and economic centre of area below the Tatra mountains. The town is rich in cultural and historical sites out of which the Gothic church of Saint Egide from the middle of the 13th century dominates the town square… is also Lutheran church in clasicist style. Visitors can get acquainted with the history and the present situation of Poprad in Podtatranske museum. In Poprad there are several Elementary schools and a variety of Secondary schools. Faculties of different universities have their residencies here as well.