William was able to visit Silvio and his wonderful family during a business trip to The Hague, Netherlands in October 2001. Silvio and his family were so warm and friendly they came out of their home to greet my friend and I before we were even out of our car.

During our 4 hour visit, we had wonderful conversation about the Grandelis family. This information is incorporated into “The History of the Grandelis Family“. Silvio’s wife, Fabienne served us all a wonderful dinner. I left them with great sadness. I hope to visit with them again. If you would like to communicate with Silvio and his family, their e-mail address is: grandelis@gmail.com

This following is part of an e-mail message received from Silvio Grandelis on 9-26-2001:

I live together with my wife Fabienne and our 3 children; Margaux (9), Esther (7) and Mauritz (1) in Tremelo, Belgium. (20km from Louvain and 30km from Brussels). I have an Italian nationality but I was born (1964) in Oss, Holland. My father, Innocente, is from ‘Campolongo [Italy]’, my mother is from Holland. My father is the youngest out of 13 and one of his brothers called also Ernesto. I came to Belgium in 1976. I work now for 5 years at Opel Belgium (G.M. division) in Antwerp.