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Ernest Grandelis

This site is created to the honor of Ernest Grandelis.
The following pages provide up-to-date information about the descendants of Ernest Grandelis and the Fischer and Fox families. It is updated often as new information is provided. If you are a Grandelis, Fischer or Fox, please e-mail me so we can see if your family connects with ours.
This is just the beginning on an on going process. If you have any additional information to add, or find errors, please send comments to my e-mail address or phone me during the day at the number provided below.
Please enjoy.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the information found on this web site, and a whole lot more, on CD-ROM, please send $10.00 to the address provided below. Please don’t forget your return address.

What you will find on this site:

  • Family History – The history of the Grandelis, Fischer and Fox families. We have recently discovered the names and other information of Ernesto’s mother and father, his grandparents and the his cousin Luigi’s mother and father. Please read The Grandelis Family History.
  • Pedigree Chart – The Grandelis Family Tree with Notes and Sources for the Grandelis, Fischer and Fox families.
  • Photo Gallery – Images of family photographs, documents, maps etc. collected by my family over the years.
  • What’s New ! – This list is maintained to keep the repeat visitor advised of any changes to the home page since their last visit. You should visit this page first.
  • Site Map – Go here for a complete listing, with links, to everything on the site.
  • Links – Go here to find links to other sites I have created.
  • Family Reunions – Information on Grandelis family reunions.

Major Contributors to this site are:

  • William L. Passauer
  • Lorraine McChesney Grandelis

If you believe you are a member of this Grandelis, Fischer or Fox family and do not find yourself in this information, please send your information: family tree information, pictures, records, etc. so you may be added. Please e-mail or mail your information to the address below.

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